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Our Mission
The mission of the Pennsylvania Conference Office of Education is to provide students an educational environment which trains them to reflect God’s light.
We operate:
  • 4 K-8 Elementary Schools
  • 5 PK-8 Elementary Schools
  • 3 PK-10 Junior Academies
  • 1 Secondary Boarding Academy
In the 21st century Adventist education must build on the strengths of the past to create a dynamic future. With renewed purpose, effective plans for improvement, and innovative practices, schools and students will thrive in this new century.
Journey to Excellence is about change -- innovative change that will result in school improvement. This publication should empower educational leaders to embark on a journey to excellence. It should be a catalyst to create the future now in Adventist schools.
Journey to Excellence will fulfill the vision of vibrant Adventist education in the 21st century. However, excellent schools are not produced by accident or as the result of a single change event. Excellence is an organizational culture that encourages continual, planned improvement. When all aspects of the educational environment foster ongoing innovation, quality schools will emerge.

Click here for a list of our schools and links to their websites. 

Our Team
Jeff Bovee
Vice President for Education
610.374.8331 ext 213
Michael Gayle
Associate Superintendent for
Curriculum and Instruction
Alexa Hernandez
Tax Credit Field Representative
610.374.8331 ext 211

Pennsylvania Conference Scholarship Fund (PCSF)
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Individuals can donate to the Pennsylvania Conference Scholarship Fund by clicking here